Reclaimed Timber Cladding

Reclaimed Timber for Cladding

Every piece of  reclaimed timber suitable for cladding and many other things has provenance of some sort and we are able to supply information and photographs of the timber where possible showing its former use and milling process through to the finished product ready for its next use for many more years to come.

Reclaimed Tropical Hardwood

Lots of our wood comes in huge sections of up to 50′ in length. This has often been parts of piers and sea defences sourced from all across the uk. The sections have often been used for 100years or more and the reason they have survived so long is usually down to the type of timber. Tropical hardwood is very hard and dense and although the outsides of our beams have been sea worn just under the surface is some wonderful colourful unique timber that can be re used once cut to size and has a story to tell too.

Cut up to 40ft Lengths

We are able to cut unusually long lengths on our adapted mill. Wether it be in fresh locally sourced timber or reclaimed beams we can cut the length needed and have it delivered by our own transport or specialist crane assisted vehicles.

Stock For Sale

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