Tithe Barn Tisbury

English Oak for Tithe Barn in Tisbury

We are thrilled to have been asked to cut some of the beams that are having to be replaced in the 15th c tithe barn in Tisbury Wiltshire. The grade 1 listed barn is said to have the largest expanse of thatch on its roof in the country. We have cut cut beams from the local fonthill estate including some crooked beams.








Colourful Reclaimed Timbers

Colourful Reclaimed Timbers

Lots of our timber comes from former piers and sea defences such as this Greenheart below. We mill the sea worn outside edges for cladding and reveal beautiful unique timber with provenance just beneath the surface.





Walnut Pieces

Walnut Pieces

As a result of the storm in November we have recovered a few walnut trees which we are looking forward to milling to reveal the inner beauty. We will cut different sizes and dry what we can in slab form. These trees have come in from Dorset and Wiltshire and we have the pictures of them as they landed so you can have the full history on where they grew for approx 80-100yrs and pictures of the tree where it fell through to milling and the final product.