Giant Oak Arrives

This giant Oak came from the village of Hurn in Dorset. It had to be taken down due to safety reasons. We were able to collect the tree using a local haulier with a very heavy crane on his vehicle.  We were even able to use the bark from this tree to clad a bar front for a party.

This particular Oak weighed six tonnes. As you can see from the pictures it was cut in to sections using a chainsaw to reduce the weight and size before milling on the band saw. Some of this Oak went to London to as a mount for a large sculpture, another quarter was cut into very long gateposts for a property very near to where the tree had grown for several hundred years.

We often source and recover locally grown English Oaks which are usually deemed to large for many mills to process due to their size gained over several hundred years. This allows us to offer large section beams milled to order or very wide slabs.