For Sale

In stock reclaimed wood ready for sale

Silvered oak

Silvered oak regular widths £50/m2 plus vat.

Unusual ash slices for sale

These unusual ash slices from Norrington manor farm are for sale. Please contact us for more information and prices.

Solid walnut table tops

Solid walnut table tops for sale with or without bespoke base. Please contact us for more information.

Reclaimed greenheart table

Reclaimed greenheart table for sale made from wood from former mooring posts in Poole harbour.  4.3m long by 700mm wide and 40mm thick mounted on a steel base. Please email an enquiry regarding price.


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Reclaimed Redgum

Reclaimed Redgum

Reclaimed redgum for sale in round and square sections in long lengths. All recovered from the queens wharf fire which took place in January 2003 we have since cut up and managed to re use many pieces of this lovely timber which formed the structure of the pier.
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Cedar from Rushmore

Cedar Tree from Rushmore Estate

We have recently been fortunate enough to purchase some huge sections of a lovely cedar tree from Sandroyd school on the Rushmore estate. Sadly this tree which stood beside the temple was storm damaged and had to be dismantled. We will be using our mobile Woodmizer sawmill to cut up some pieces for the school and our two 3120 Husqvarna saws with an 87″ blade to mill discs and slabs for tables as well as a sculptors block with the rest of the tree. We also will be cutting a disc for the entrance of the school and will be finishing it into a lovely table so a piece of this tree remains at Sandroyd. Pieces of this tree will be dried, stored and sold from our warehouse.
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Spalled Beech Tree

Spalled Beech Tree Section

Large spalled beech tree sections for sale. These unique sections make wonderful table tops. The natural spalting in them makes them very special. Please email for sizes available and prices. These can be supplied with a choice of bases if required.
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